Vegetable Peel For Summer Skin Care

images (1)Vegetable peels enriched with high amount of nutrients that can pamper your skin nicely. Vegetable peels contain different vitamins, nutrients and natural juices that pamper your skin to the maximum.

Tomato peel: – Tomato peel is excellent remedy to even your skin tone. It enriched with antioxidants that helps to prevent early signs of aging. It helps to reduce acne, blemish and spots.

Cucumber peel: – Apply cold cucumber peel on your face and leave it for some time. It helps to soothe your tired eyes and enhance your skin look.

Lemon peel: – Lemon peel has bleaching property that helps to enhance your skin complexion.

Potato peel: – Potato peels are good source of vitamins that helps to prevent acne as well as you will get rid of the scars.

Beetroot peel: – Rub beetroot peels on your skin and on your lips. You will get different skin tone as well as pinkish lips.

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