Why acne keeps come back

It is more miserable when your acne comes back. Some simple things you can do to clean the affected area if the acne keeps coming back. If you find out that following thing could be causing your breakouts that fix it soon.


Over dry face: – Some product tries to dry the oil on your face. Drying out your face will causes your skin to produce more oil as the skin try to balance it. Instead of, using of product that drying out your skin it is good to use blotting paper. Use mild cleanser and oil free moisturizer to maintain proper face moisturizer.

Touching your face: Touching your face exposes your skin to bacteria, it cause acne. Change your habit and try to avoid touch your face.

Makeup irritation: – Most of the times we take the help of makeup to hide or cove up the acne. However, do you know that you makeup might be the culprit that causes acne repeatedly. Makeup contains artificial color, fragrance that causes breakout.

Hair products: – Some of the hair product carries irritating ingredients such as silicone or oil that can clog the skin pores.

Diet: – White bread, cookies, pasta, fried food can all be contributing acne. Stick yourself with lots of vegetables, fruits and fibrous food.


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