Aloe Vera Beauty Recipes

Aloe vera has healing property that reduces the appearance of damage hair and skin. Aloe vera helps to clean your skin pores, dead cells, dirt, and grease. It makes your skin healthier. Aloe vera works wonder on your hair. It provides hair strengthening and prevent hair fall.


Aloe Vera Beauty Recipe for hair care:

Ingredients that you will require:

Aloe vera gel

Procedure: – Directly apply aloe vera gel on your scalp along with hair and give gentle massage for few minutes. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it. It stimulates hair growth and makes your hair shiny.

Aloe Vera Beauty Recipe for skin care:

Ingredients that you will require:

Aloe vera gel



Procedure: – Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients to make a thick paste. Now apply this on your skin and use it as a scrub. Give gentle circular motion massage for few minutes then rinse it. You will get beautiful skin.

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