Bridal Skin Care 6 Week Routine

I am sure you would agree that every bride looks beautiful and glows naturally due to excitement of the special day of their life. However, sometime due to extra stress or extra concern about looks hormone levels might get affected. This might create pimple, rashes or skin breakout. To get radiant glow skin you have start working on your skin atleast a month ago. Let us look at the natural ways to take care of your skin and look gorgeous on the special day!!


Week 1: Exercise:-

Start your 6-week skin care routine with yoga, meditation or exercise. It helps to tone your muscles, helps to tighten your loose skin as well as uplift your mood. Jogging, skipping or swimming are good exercises to reduce body fat as well as to make you slim and fit. Do regular exercise at least 40-50 min in a day.

Week 2: Diet chart:-

Healthy diet is must for glowing and clear skin. It should be on your priority list. Say goodbye to alcohol, caffeine, sugar, junk food and processed food. To get elastic and shiny skin, stick to a diet with vegetables, juices, fruits and lot of fibrous food. It helps to detoxify your skin and helps to flush out impurities from your body.  Drink 2-3 green tea in a day. It has antioxidant property that helps to fight against free radicals and delay the signs of aging. Do not forget to drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day.

Week 3: Dry brush bath:-

Body brushing is important step for skin care. It helps to stimulate lymphatic system that gives you internal glow and prevents ingrown hair. It helps to remove dead cells from the body and give chance to young cells to grow. Read more @ Few Tips To know Before Dry BrushingThe Benefits Of Dry Skin Brushing.

Week 4: Moisturizer:-

Do body oiling once in a week. After exfoliation,it is good to do oiling. Open pores will absorb moisturizer nicely and nourish our skin well. Olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil is best for body oiling. It is good to get glowing and smooth skin texture.

Week 5: Facial:-

Two week prior to wedding is best time for deep cleansing or facial. At the time of facial pay more attention on forehead, chin or nose area and remove blackheads with gentle pressure.

Week 6: Foot and Hand care:-

Salt is best scrub for foot and hand care. It helps to remove dead and hard skin of feet and hand. It helps to make it infection free.

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