Different Ways To Use Green Tea To Get Wonderful Skin

Green tea enriched with antioxidant that is excellent way to treat wrinkles, fine lines, acne and eye puffiness. It makes your skin brighter and flawless. Let us see the different ways to use green tea to get beautiful skin.

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Green tea as a drink: – Drink at-least 2 cup of green tea in a day. It is good to enhance your metabolic rate that helps to burn your excessive fat as well as helps to detoxify your body that helps to enhance your skin brightness.

Re-use the used green tea bags: – Open and cut the used tea bags then empty the content in a small cup then add little amount of honey. Apply it on face as a scrub then leave it for 15 minutes. It helps to add glow on your face.

Green tea facial steam: – Boil the water in a large bowl then add 2 tsp green tea into it. Take a towel and cover your head. Take facial steam for 10 minutes. It helps to clean your skin pores and add glow on your face.

Green tea toner: – Make a pot of green tea and let it infuse.  Pour the cooled tea into an airtight jar. Store it in refrigerator. Apply it on your face with the help to cotton ball. It helps to make your skin wrinkle free and unclog the skin pores.

Green tea splash: – Pour 1 tsp of green tea in a cup of hot water. Boil it for 2 minutes then leave it to cool down.  Splash it over your face and repeat the process until there is no more tea extract. Rinse your face with water. It helps to revive your dull skin.

Green tea facial spray: – Take 2 cup of rose water and heat it. While it is still boiling then pour green tea bags into it. Leave it for 5 minutes then thrown the tea bags out. Pour the mixture in container and keep it in refrigerator. Apply it before going to bed. Leave it overnight. It will give you wrinkle free, bright and tight skin.

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