DIY: Summer soothing lotion and gel

In summer most of us faces sunburn or dullness problem. Let us see the recipe of skin soothing lotion and gel that helps to relax your skin.


Summer Soothing lotion recipe:-

Ingredients that you will require:-

A cup of unscented body lotion

A tsp of coconut oil

A tsp of aloe vera gel

Two capsule of vitamin E

Summer Soothing Gel recipe:-

Ingredients that you will require:-

3 drops of peppermint oil

2 drops of lavender oil

Five capsule of vitamin E

A cup of aloe vera gel

Procedure: – Mix all the ingredients in a bowl then store it in airtight jar. Keep it in refrigerator. It helps to heal your skin from sunburn, provide skin moisturizer and make your skin smooth.

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