Do not throw watermelon seeds away

Did you know that sweet, juice watermelon seeds are also beneficial? It is enriched with vitamins, iron and potassium that is good for health and beauty care. It is good to chew the watermelon seeds and use its oil.


Skin moisturizer: – It has unsaturated fat that helps to nourish your skin and keep it well moist.

Acne treatment: – Apply watermelon seed oil on your face with the help of cotton ball. It is good to remove dust, sebum and dirt from your face. It helps to clean your acne and make your face infection free. It is good for all type of skin.

Treat itchy scalp: – Watermelon seed oil is light texture oil and easy to spread. It absorbed easily without clogging the pores of your scalp. It is good for flaky and dry scalp.

Prevent split hair: – Watermelon seed is good source of fatty acids that helps to prevent split hair or hair breakage.

Hair strengthening: – Watermelon seeds enriched with protein and amino acids. It is good to provide hair strengthening. It provides hair shine and improves its texture.

Delay the signs of aging: – It is good source of antioxidant that good to make your skin younger.

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