Do you know the beauty magic of olive oil?

Olive oil is the solution of many skin therapies such as acne therapy, anti aging therapy or stretch marks therapy. Olive oil contains nutrient that synthesized and utilized by your body like unique photo-chemical, vitamin or mono-unsaturated fatty acids that works wonder on your skin.


Component of olive oil:- Olive oil contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant, vitamin E and K that is beneficial for skin care, heal the sunburn  and reduce the risk of coronary disease.

Anti-inflammatory property of olive oil: – Olive oil contains powerful antioxidant properties, vitamins and flavonoid that absorb deeply and protect the cell membrane from free radical damages. This is the starting step of inflammation or aging.

Olive oil as skin exfoliator: – Apart from the moisturizing and antioxidant, property olive oil has property to rapid turnover the skin cells and unclogs the skin pores. It helps to flush off the dead cells and make your skin soft and shiny. Take some sea salt or brown sugar and olive oil. Mix it and apply it on your body as a scrub. Give gentle circular motion massage for few minutes. It helps to remove dead cells from your skin.

Olive oil skin moisturizing property:-Olive oil easily absorbs into the skin and nourishes it deeply. It helps to prevent skin dryness and wrinkle formation. Olive oil is light and non-sticky oil you can use it as body lotion.

Anti-aging property of olive oil: – Free radicals start a chain of reaction that produces a polymer resin that prevents the skin cells to retain the moisturizer and that leads to sever dryness. Olive oil contains antioxidant and this antioxidant helps to terminate this chain reaction by removing the intermediate free radical as well as inhibiting the other oxidation reaction.

Do not forget to put olive oil on your skin. It gives you beautiful and charming skin.

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