Few Things To Do Right After Shower

2047183582_3503e149ab_mAfter shower, your skin would be more receptive that is the reason does right things at the right time. Let us do the following things soon after you come out of your bathroom after shower.

  • First thing is use the towel wisely. Rubbing of towel is not good practice for your sensitive skin as well as dry skin because your skin can damaged badly. It is good to pat your skin with soft towel.
  • Second thing is apply a moisturizing cream after shower. Moisture is very importance step to pamper your skin and make it soft.
  • Body oiling after shower is another good treatment for skin care. After shower, your skin pores tend to be receptive and open. Open pores can easily absorb the skin care products.
  • After shower, you can apply natural hair conditioner to keep your hair healthy as well as prevent split ends. Rinse your hair with honey-lemon juice solution. Leave it for 5 minutes then again rinse it with water only. It helps to keep your hair shiny, soft and smooth.

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