Habits That Cause Wrinkles and Finelines

downloadHere are some beauty habits that causes finelines and wrinkles.

┬áHot shower: – Generally, hot showers open the skin pore and cleanse it nicely as well as it helps to relax your mood. However, prolong exposure to hot water causes dehydration and that invites winkle and fineline. It is good to spend less time in hot shower.

Excessive exfoliation: – Exfoliation is good to remove dead cells but too much exfoliation causes premature aging. Mild exfoliation twice in a week is good for your skin.

Sleep with makeup: – Makeup has tendency to absorb dirt and pollutant; prolong makeup can damages your skin badly. It is advisable to remove your makeup completely before going to bed.

Last but not least: – Harsh chemical based beauty products also ruin your skin beauty. Excessive use, of harsh cleanser remove the essential natural oils and promotes skin dehydration that causes wrinkles and finelines.

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