Home remedies for bumps after waxing


Waxing is the process to remove hair from root and leave a smooth skin surface but we all are not lucky enough. Most of the people who have sensitive skin face red bumps problem after waxing. Today I am going to share few tips that will help you to cure the problem. For more detail read also Pre & Post waxing care

Some useful tips:-


  • Before waxing go for mild exfoliation
  • After waxing always wipe your skin with tissue or use neat and clean cloth otherwise infection might spread from your open skin pores
  • Avoid direct sun light, steam rooms, whirlpools and other heat source at-least for 48 hrs.
  • Avoid wearing of tight clothes at-least for 2 days
  • After waxing avoid skin exfoliation or harsh soap or chemical usage at-least for 48 hrs
  • Many beauty salons apply an after wax lotion to reduce the pain or discomfort. Make sure that lotion does not contain any mineral oil because they clog the skin pores and the result could be acne on your skin
  • Avoid waxing during menstruation or pregnancy because our skin become more sensitive to cuts and bruises

Home remedies:-


  • Apply some ice cubes on red bumps or on rashes. It relaxes the affected area with the help of its cooling effect. Repeat the process until you will get relief
  • Apply aloe vera gel to cure the problem and keep your skin hydrated
  • Moisturize your skin with tea tree oil. It has healing and anti-bacterial property.
  • Apply grape seed oil after waxing as it helps to reduce pain and provides comfort to you
  • Use sunscreen whenever you go outside

With the help of proper precautions and home remedies you can get relief from red bumps or rashes that appear after the waxing.



  1. Allisson Low /

    I’ve tried all these remedies and they are great, but when I don’t have the time to make all these, I use SkinAgain’s Rescue cream — It’s 100% natural and extremely effective. I was introduced to it 3 years ago and I’ve been in love with it ever since!!

  2. Some one please help..the hairs arround my tummy has became very hard and it looks so bad long time back i shaved them with rasor and i even plucked them …now the breakouts for the hairs have became widen and it gives out very hard hairs now i have been only waxing them but please somone help

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