Home Remedies For Razor Cuts


We use razor to remove unwanted hair. It is one of the easiest and pain free way to remove unwanted hair. Most of the time shaving leaves behind skin irritation, red rashes, bump or skin cut. Sometime sharp razor blades cuts the skin due to lack of attention or due to wrong method of shaving. These cuts may leave behind skin scars.


Home remedies for razor cut: – With the help of few home remedies you will not only get relief from cut scars but also it helps to heal your cut without irritation, burn and pain.

Always use cold water: – After shaving always use cold water, this is good to cool down your skin burn.  Avoid the usage of hot water as it may cause more severe affects.


Ice cube: – Rub ice cubes on affected area. Its helps to stop bleeding and you will get relief from skin irritation. Chilled ice cube provides instant relief from razor cut.

Apple vinegar cider: – It is another best remedy. Apply apple vinegar cider and water solution on razor cut area, you will get instant relief.

Witch hazel: – Apply witch hazel and water solution on razor cuts, you will get relief from pain. It has antiseptic property.


Aloe vera: – Apply aloe vera gel on affected area. Leave it for 15 min then wash it off with water. Aloe vera has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property. It has natural healing property.

Petroleum jelly: – It is good to keep you skin moist otherwise skin problem could become more severe. Apply thin layer of petroleum jelly on skin to keep it moist.

Astringent: – Apply astringent after shaving. It helps to make your skin infection free as well as good to close the open skin pores.


Aftershave lotion: – Aftershave lotion contains alcohol which it good to stop the bleeding instantly and has antiseptic property.

Last but not least: – Do not forget to clean your razor. Always remember that poor hygiene and improper shaving technique causes skin allergy, red bumps and make your skin more susceptible to cuts.

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