Home Remedies To Heal Your Cracked Heels

download (1)Main reasons of cracked heels are wearing wrong shoes, walk barefoot, climate changes and lack of moisturizer. Do not wait; take a look at some of the home remedies that helps to cure your cracked heels.

Glycerin: – Glycerin is excellent remedy to heal your extremely damaged heels. Take lukewarm glycerin and apply it on your heels. Now soak your feet in warm water for few minutes. When done, give pat dry. Repeat this process thrice in a week.

Honey: – If your heels are damaged badly then take cold honey and apply it on your affected area. Give gentle circular massage for few minutes. Now rinse your feet with cold water then apply some moisturizer and cover your feet with socks.

Aloe vera: – Aloe vera gel has healing properties and it is excellent gel to apply on broken or cracked skin. It will treat the skin from beneath allowing it to heal. Aloe vera gel is beneficial for cracked and dry skin.

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