How To Get Rid Of Acne Completely

imagesProper acne treatment is required periodically; otherwise, it appears repeatedly. It causes due to clogged skin pores, dandruff that falls on the skin and oily skin. Banana peeling is one of the most effective remedy to treat acne, pimple, warts and blemish.

  • Banana is good source of carotenoid, vitamins and antioxidants that gives you quick result.
  • Use over-ripe banana that has few black spots on it. It contains magnesium, zinc and vitamins that prevent inflammation on your skin.
  • Apply white part of the peel directly on your skin for few minutes. Take fresh peel when peel that you are using turns black. Leave it for 20 minutes and let your skin absorb all the minerals from the banana peel to your face. Acne will be gone in no time as well as do not come back.

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