Know About Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is best way to protect your skin from harsh sunburns. Sunscreen can block the UV radiation as well as lower the risk of skin cancer. Here is something to know about your sunscreen.


Does not matter what skin color you have: – Anyone can get skin cancer from excessive sun exposure. You changes will be great risk if you have light skin color or blond hair or freckles skin or blue or green eyes.  Family history of skin cancer also increases the risk of cancer.

Little exposure can harm your skin: – Sun can damage your skin as little as 15 minutes according to some research.  You have to apply sunscreen whenever go outside even if it is a cloudy.

Repeat the wear of sunscreen: Sunscreen does not long last that is the reason when you are outside more than hours then you needs to reapply it.

What is SPF: – SPF means sun protection factor. It is the sunscreen power to prevent skin damages.

Broad spectrum: – It protects your skin from UVA and UVB.

UVA: – It is longer ultraviolet waves that cause long-term damage, skin cancer and aging.

UVB: – UVB is short ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage, skin cancer and aging.

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