Natural Oil For Sunscreen Protection

Many oils have natural sunscreen protection quality. Not all the oils are equally effective and works equal for all type of skin.  It means not all are strong enough for everyone.  Fair-skinned girl requires more SPF to protect their skin in comparison to darker skin complexion.


Best sunscreen based natural oil: – If you are looking to wear natural oil as sunscreen protection than see the list of oil with their SPF.

SPF 28-50:- Red raspberry seed oil

SPF 38-40:– Carrot seed oil

SPF 20:– Wheat germ oil

SPF 10 or less: – Jojoba oil (SPF 4), Avocado oil (SPF 4-10), Almond oil (SPF 5), Olive oil (SPF 2-8), Sesame oil (SPF 4), Coconut oil (SPF 2-8)

Red raspberry seed oil: – Red raspberry helps to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. It is enriched with antioxidant and essential fatty acids that helps to protect your skin from sunburn. Raspberry is very effective remedy to heal skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

Carrot seed oil: – Research said that it contain high SPF factor when it dilute with carrier oil. It contain natural SPF between 38-40.

Wheat germ oil: – It is enriched with minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B, E and K. It helps to prevent free radicals and sunburn.

Useful tips when using natural oil as a sunscreen protection: – Not all the natural oil created equal SPF. It varies when it is on your skin. Determine the exact SPF of oil is difficult, especially when natural oils oxidized when expose to sunlight.

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