Pre & Post waxing care


Waxing gives your skin a smooth and shiny look but we need to take extra care pre and post waxing as it might casue infection and redness. Lets looks at some quick and easy tips.

Pre waxing care:-

  • At-least take 3 weeks of time difference between two waxing
  • Before waxing take hot water shower which opens the pore and hair comes out easily
  • Apply talcum powder on skin which helps the wax to stick to hair rather than the skin
  • Don’t use any moisturizer, gel or oil before waxing
  • Before going for waxing make sure that your skin should be free from scars, cut and wounds.

Post waxing care:-

  • After waxing take goodcare of your skin to avoid infection, rashes, in-growth and irritation due to inflammation of waxing
  • Don’t take hot shower after waxing at-least for 48 hr.Hot water opens the pore which causes infection on freshly waxed skin.
  • ¬†Moisturize your skin after waxing with tea tree lotion or lavender oil at-leastfor a couple of days
  • Don’t use any perfume, perfume oil or lotion on freshly waxed skin
  • ¬†Avoid sun expose, spa,steam bath or other heat sources at-least for 48 hr.
  • Avoid usage of scrub at-least for 72 hr after waxing
  • Avoid wearing of tight cloth specially on waxed area for 48 hr as it may be cause skin irritation

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