Want to reduce weight…drink tea!!


We all like aroma of different flavors tea.It is not only soothing but also helps in refreshment. Personally I love to take a sip of hot tea in spring or winter mornings.It relaxes my mind and refreshes me to start my day on a happy note. I know lot of peeple like to start their day with fresh cup of tea. And if the same cup of tea can help to reduce weight then what cold be better than that. So let us look at a list of tea that help you to get slim.

How drinking tea helps in weight loss:-  Flavonoid present in tea helps to increase the metabolic rate. Tea also has component (theaflavins and thearubigins) to fight against fat but if you add milk then it neutralizes the fat-fighting effect.If you want to get slim then don’t add milk in a tea.Read also Home remedies to fight against obesity.

List of tea :-

Black tea:-  Both green and black tea comes from similar plant “Camellia sinensis” and have similar amount of flavonoid but the difference is only in the tea making process.At the time of making tea add 1 tsp  tea leaves,ginger and black pepper in 1 cup of water.Boil it for 3-4 min then filter it.Cinnamon present in tea helps you to loose excessive weight. Try not to add sugar and milk in black tea for it to be more effective in weight loss.


Peppermint tea:- You can drink peppermint tea either hot or chilled.If you like to add taste to it then rotate it with green tea.Take alternate tea one by one.Take one cup water and add 1 tsp fresh and dry tea leaves. Then boil it for 5 min and filter its extract. Add some honey to make it sweet if required.

Green tea:- Green tea is rich with catchin polyphenols antioxidant which helps to increase metabolic rate of body. Drink warm 3 cup of green tea in a day. After drinking tea take a 15 min walk, this will help you loose excessive weight.For more detail read Benefits of Green Tea.

Star anise tea (lllicium verum):- Star anise tea commonly called chinese star anies or lllicium verum. Star anise tea is native to China.Its very beneficial for the treatment of  stomach disorder and digestive  treatment. Take 1 tsp tea leaves and boil in one cup of water for 10 min then filter it.


Moringa tea:- Ozone moringa tea has many essential components for our body nourishment.It helps to burn excessive fat through natural process.

Oolong Tea:- It helps to reduce cholesterol and fat concentration in body.It is a semi tea and its effect is much more than green tea. Drink 2 oolong tea in a day.

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