Celebration Of Ganesha Chaturthi With Eco-Consciousness


We celebrate Ganesha chaturthi on the occasion of  Lord Ganesha birth. Hindus believe that Lord Ganesha clears all the obstacles in our life. That’s the reason Hindus start their worship from Lord Ganesha . Ganesha chaturthi is a several days celebration . On the occasion of this festival  people decorate Lord Ganesha idol , do lighting for home decoration and enjoy delicious food. On the last day of this festival people immerse Lord Ganesha idol in water. We have heard a lot about a word…eco-friendly. So why not we celebrate this festival with eco- consciousness.


Eco-friendly Idol:- Avoid the usage of idol which is made by plaster of paris, plastic and chemical as it harms  our environment. Use biodegradable idol  which are made of clay or coconut fiber. The idol made by clay doesn’t pollute the water at the time of idol immersion. Polluted water not only causes poison for aquatic life but also causes bad impact on our life. Usage of polluted water causes skin disease, fungal infection and responsible for poor health.


Natural color made rangoli:– Use turmeric, flower, rice flour, sandalwood powder to make rangoli. Which is not only good for environment but also good for your skin. Avoid usage of chemical based colors. Some of these chemical colors causes skin irritation, rashes and allergy.

Avoid noise pollution:- At the time of celebration try not use loudspeakers as loud music causes deafness. It’s good to use soft instrumental music.


Use natural floral garland:- Instead of artificial made garland , its good to use natural floral made garland . You can use Lord Ganesha’s favorite natural floral garland which is made by red hibiscus, durva grass, milkweed flower, Holi basil leaves, pomegranate leaves and conch flower. It helps to save our nature’s beauty also .


Let us celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi with eco-consciousness and save nature !!


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