Holi Special Beauty Tips

Let us see few useful tips that protect your hair and skin from color damages.


Tip 1:  Oiling: – Do the oiling at-least 30 minutes before you start Holi. Apply lukewarm coconut or almond olive oil on your hair as well as on your skin. If you have, dandruff then adds lemon juice in coconut oil. Mix it well and apply it on scalp.

Tip 2:  Sunscreen: – Before going to outside, apply sunscreen on your face, hand and behind your ears. It helps to protect your skin from sunburn.

Tips 3: Nail paint: – Apply nail paint on your nails. It is easy way to protect your nails from Holi colors.

Tips 4: Lip balm: – Apply a lip balm generously. It makes protective coat.

Tips 5: Clothing: – Wear dark color full sleeves clothes. It helps to protect your skin from color and from sunlight.

Note: – Do not get waxing, facial or threading done at least 4-5 days before Holi.

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