Look More Gorgeous at Christmas Eve

Christmas is the celebration of joy, happiness and  family get together. It is time to take a break and spend good time with family and friends along with festival celebration. Let us see few beauty tips that will help you to look more gorgeous and leave a nice memory for your loved ones.


Hairdo: – Hairdo could easily change your personality. Simply put your hair up and try to twist one section from front side then pin it at backside of head. Now take another section of hair and repeat the same. Always remember that your bun should look messy. This messy upward bun hairdo looks elegant. If you wants to open your hair then loose curls or wavy curls would look perfect.

Makeup: – Matte finish makeup looks perfect on Christmas night. Apply matte finish concealer, foundation followed by blusher. Smokey, shimmer or glitter eye looks perfect for night parties. Apply makeup carefully and blend it properly. Lip-gloss or glittery lips gives your elegant look. Apply lip primer first then apply lipstick because it helps your lipstick to stay longer.

Tired eye: – During late night parties, we commonly face dark circles and puffy eyes. These puffy eye gives you tired look. Before going to party put cold spoons or cold tea bags on your closed eyelid to reduce eye puffiness. It helps to relax your eyes as well. Before going to bed try to apply vitamin E enriched oil around the eyes. For more detail read also Natural care for tired eyes.

Fresh look: – Your skin tends to become dull and dry even if you have taken a sip of alcohol. It is good to apply some glowing natural facemask and drink ample amount of water to keep your skin glowing throughout the party. For more detail read also DIY: Natural Facial Mask to Get Smooth,Glowing skin.

Control yourself from tempting food: – Before going to party drink a glass of juice and eat some salads. It will not only prevent you from eating lots of food but also helps you to keep your skin hydrated. Try to avoid sugar, butter, cheese and alcohol products.

Last but not the least: – Enjoy the festival and have a great time with friends and family. Inner happiness would add extra glow to your face.

Wish you a Merry Christmas.

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