Selection of Highlighter for Dark Skin Tone

Everyone has desires to play with colors. After all colors could completely change your personality as well as groom you well. However, be careful at the time of color selection or choosing of your highlighter because it can make your personality or could ruin it. Generally, we see that light skin tone people select light highlighter such as blonde, beige. On the other hand dark skin tone people go for dramatic or dark hues such as burgundy, brown etc and we can say that it is a right choice. Dark tone people should avoid blonde, yellow shades, highlighter or streaks because it makes them darker.


Say good-bye to light shade: – People with dark skin tone should completely avoid light highlighter such as yellow, blonde. It might ruin their personality.

Play with dramatic shades: – Burgundy, dark plum, brown shades look perfect on dark skin tone. Highlight features with the help of these hues.

Play with some more hues: – Mahogany, copper or bronze could change your over all personality.

Colors for wheat complexion: – You can do experiment with auburn, dark brown and chestnut brown shades of highlighter.

Have you ever tried these shades? If not then try it and change your overall personality. However, do not forget to share your feedback or experience with us.

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